How to move tokens across blockchains

Blockchains are one of the most powerful innovations humanity has ever seen, but they are isolated ecosystems where it’s hard to move from one to another.

Luckily bridges and cross-chain exchanges come in our help, so we created this guide to explain how to swap cryptocurrencies across different blockchains.

Multiple blockchains
So many blockchains. How do you move money from one to another?

Centralized vs Decentralized bridges.


No KYC, Less bureaucracy, never lose contact with your money.

Disadvantages: slow and generally more expensive

List of bridges to jump from one blockchain to another one

Are we heading towards a multichain world?

The 2 current of thoughts

Yes – multichain is inevitable:

Example thread with specialization of each blockchain.

No – we are not going towards a multichain ecosystem:

thread from DAI founder. To sum up.